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RepRisk Special Report: ASEAN Series: Lower Mekong Basin: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand & More

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RepRisk Special Report: ASEAN Series: Lower Mekong Basin: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand & More


In our second report on the member countries of the ASEAN Economic Community, which was created on November 22, 2015, we take an in-depth look at Cambodia, Lao PDR (Laos), Thailand, and Vietnam, the four countries located along the Lower Mekong River.

In recent decades, these countries have experienced considerable economic growth, which has fueled a demand for electricity. Data gathered by RepRisk shows that Utilities is the sector most exposed to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam; in Thailand, it is the second most exposed sector a er Food and Beverage.

Most of the criticism of the Utilities sector in the four countries revolves around plans to construct hydroelectric power plants in the Lower Mekong region. Scientists, NGOs and civil society groups have warned that building dams on the Mekong River and its large network of tributaries will impact countries downstream. In this report, we have therefore grouped together these four countries in our analysis of the Utilities sector.

More reports available for download here.

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