By: Ethisphere

The 2019 Global Ethics Summit key trends and highlights guide amplifies a selection of featured conversations with company leaders, data-backed methodologies and innovative practices, all with the intent of improving business ethics, governance and compliance worldwide.

Nearly 300 unique organizations, representing 60 different industries, contributed to the richness of information shared at this year’s Summit, assembling for peer-to-peer analysis, global impressions on business integrity and working groups designed to tactically improve compliance in distinct areas of responsibility.

At the core of the Summit was participation from Ethisphere’s Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA) community, which led a faculty of CEOs, Chief Legal Officers, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officers and other business partners to shape the interactive discussions and guide colleagues on the latest achievements and obstacles in the current business landscape. Founded by Ethisphere, BELA is a 270-member strong globally recognized organization of leading companies collaborating together to share best practices in governance, risk management, compliance and ethics.

This Summit guide is also now available on Ethisphere’s BELA member hub—a premier repository of resources featuring examples of work, presentations and research from select BELA companies intended to cultivate more idea exchange and inspiration for companies to continuously improve in the area of ethics & compliance. To request guest access, click here.