By: Ethisphere

In this featured interview with 3M at Ethisphere’s Global Ethics Summit, Veena Lakkundi, Vice President and Former Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, 3M shares advice and insights on data intelligence.

“It’s really about using the right data with the right audience,”  said Lakkundi. “When we are talking to our board, and our board does not need to be convinced, we use data, external data we will use Ethisphere’s data that shows the return over time…we also use a lot of our own internal data in terms of how our program is being executed are we detecting anomalies, third party due diligence…”

According to Ethisphere data, in tracking how the stock prices of the publicly traded World’s Most Ethical Companies® honorees compare to the U.S. Large Cap Index, the data shows that listed honorees outperformed the large cap sector over five years by 14.4 percent and over three years by 10.5 percent. We call this the “Ethics Premium.”