By: Ethisphere

At the 2019 Global Ethics Summit, Ethisphere spoke to Todd Hartman,  Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at Best Buy about the importance of benchmarking, transformation at Best Buy and how Compliance officers can use data to influence company leaders. In the following interview, Hartman said, “When I became the Chief Compliance Officer of Best Buy there was no program or handbook and that’s why relying on organizations and peers became very beneficial. We all improve when the corporate community has a better ethics and compliance record and from that standpoint, no one should be afraid to share or make another company better—that just makes a healthier environment for everyone”.

Hartman also spoke about transformation at the electronics retail giant, he said, “during the company’s transformation period, Hartman said, “We have very few people trying to cut corners  or do things to enhance business performance. In part that was because our leaders were very focused on turning around the company for the long-term and what they were trying to remedy were short-term behaviors – ultimately there was good alignment during our turn around phase.”