Liz Gehringer Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Realogy

//Liz Gehringer Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Realogy

Liz Gehringer Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Realogy


In this interview, Liz Gehringer, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Realogy Holdings Corp., shares some thoughts and best practices on how training and awareness impacts corporate culture.

Q&A Highlights

What’s are some trends in training and awareness today, in 2016?

I think what we’re a lot hearing about, and we’ve had a lot of good discussions here at the Ethisphere Executive Roundtable at GE. We’re hearing a lot about simplification. You hear a lot of people in this space talking about messages that are more brief, hard-hitting, motivating, speak to emotion and give rise to emotion in people and that are less long and complicated. But things that really go towards judgment, simple messages, I think we’ll see more of that. I think we’ll see more reduction in complex multiple hour training programs into more brief training delivered through a variety of formats in a variety of sizes that really get to people and really help them think of things differently and that really apply to them and their ability to go out and just make a good decision for the company.

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